Bang for the Buck

Until the business of the new semester hit me (as it always does), I too had struggled with how I might spend my $100 with the hope that somehow having the money in hand might help. The project awoke a competitive spirit within me. I pictured a one-upmanship of good deeds. If only my $100 could bring peace to Middle East - I'd love to see one of you beat that!

My first thought upon reading the bad news was one of relief, then disappointment, and then the thought - maybe I'll do it anyway. Somehow the idea of spending $100 was broken free from competing with 15 other people in a game to see who could do it best. Maybe that's because it would be "my own" money and freed from the accountability of spending Calvin's money. I think there's a lesson here.

Anyway, I haven't found an extra $60 or $100 in my desk drawer yet (change from doing laundry only amounted to $0.83 this week). Finding and spending $100 will surely be an interesting story for each of us.

Andy Keck

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