As of August ...

Andrea and I are the parents of the most beautiful little boy, Benjamin William. Two nights ago, at 14 weeks old, he had his first 8-hour sleeping night! (Then, just to help us exercise the spiritual discipline of patience, last night he was up for a little while at 4:00 a.m.)

Here at CICW, we're celebrating 10 years since the founding of the Institute, whose work God has expanded and blessed far beyond anyone's expectations except his. I continue to help develop and manage our website, and do a variety of writing and editing projects for our publications series. I've also enjoyed starting a series of meditations on the Psalms.

I'm still trying to get a collection of my "On Language" columns published, with some encouraging signs.

My course in historical linguistics at MSU was a mixed experience, making me question whether I really want to pursue a degree in linguistics. I think I'm going to take the biblical languages at the seminary across the street from me and see if that's a better fit.

I still hope to do my seminar project idea someday, but I also hope somebody beats me to it.

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Debra Rienstra said...

In parenthood, steps forward are almost always followed by steps backward. But you'll get there eventually. My 12- and 14-year-olds can easily sleep eleven hours in a row!