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Hello everyone. Grades are in, and I'm pooped. But I wanted to post an update regarding the 100 bucks I invested in the Iowa Network for Women in Higher Ed. With that seed money we begin sending letters and making plans for developing our organization further. We now have three hundred dollars from three colleges in Iowa subscribing to our organization. And we are planning a conference in conjunction with U. of Iowa on women. So it is going well.

I also said yes to running for a national position with AEPL, an organization dedicated to studying the connections between spirituality and learning. And I won--so I'm the national program vice chair. Not sure what that means except it means a lot of work. But I credit my association with INWHE for giving me the strength to say yes. A success story I guess.

One other note. One of my students quoted a fine writer from Christianity Today in her term paper. That writer was Agneiska (sorry I'm not spelling this correctly!). You can't imagine my joy and laughter!! It is so good to know you all and read all your work now that I have faces and smiles to go with it.

Best wishes and merry Christmas to you all.


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Debra Rienstra said...

Thanks so much for this update, Joonna. I plan to post soon, too, to update you all on my 100 bucks.