Joonna's current writing projects

Okay, so I have no publications to write about. But hating to be left out, I'd thought I'd create a label "New and current writing projects" so that we could share a little about works in progress. I've currently got 4 articles out at publishers, waiting to hear back.

1--An article on Octavia Butler and how she uses gothic conventions in her science fiction. This has passed two levels of review and is in the third level which will determine if it gets in the anthology.

2--A creative non-fiction piece at Big TexT on the physical and spiritual places of West Texas and Northwest Iowa.

3--A creative non-fiction piece at JAEPL. A teaching narrative.

4--An article with an anthology on M. Night Shyamalan

But the thing that excites me just now is an opera libretto. It's a feminist and spiritual reimaging of the Dracula story. A friend in Mississippi is a composer, and we just decided to do this--to finally stop dreaming about it and plunge in. I'm sitting in Karen Baker's husband's playwriting class to spur me on. I have about 20 pages so far and will probably get a whole draft by Christmas. Doing something a little further away from scholarship is really energizing.

What is energizing the writer in the rest of you?


Debra said...

Wow, Joonna! You have a lot of great stuff goin' on. Do we all get tickets to the premier of the opera?

Joonna Trapp said...

Ha! Act I is coming along well; Act II is limping along. I'm in process of writing a grant to fund the musical creation part of this project and hopefully take Andy and myself to (drumroll) Transyvania for a Dracula conference and tour. If this thing ever does get some legs, all of you are certainly invited to the presentation. My guess is that it would be free and that we'd be begging for people to come!