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The posts have been wonderful. Truly. I have to tell you all a story about Karen B. The other day, and pardon me if I've already written about this or she has, we were at a meeting of the faculty. Later I saw her and she said that all she could think was--could we just have our Calvin group back to work and think together with? One does miss the oasis we found in the desert of the summer.
Yes, I'm swamped as well. Unbelievably. Karen and I have had practically no time even for lunch together. But the work is good and mostly fulfilling. I think I've found a use for my 100 bucks. It's not glamorous, but it seems right to me. I'm the treasurer of a new group which is just getting started. The Iowa network for Women in Higher Education. We find ways to foster the growth of women into positions of leadership in all Iowa colleges. Of course, we have no start up funds. So, I'm opening an account this week, and using my hundred bucks as the seed money. We need to apply for non-profit status and do mailouts. Now we have the money to at least get started. Who knows where this will lead? I hope the organization grows....I'll keep you posted.
On another note, my husband was laid off his job this last week. He is looking, but he is also 55 years old. He seems to be fine, but he hides his feelings very well. He really, really loved his job at blue Bunny ice cream as a programmer/analyst. My first thought was that I better not give up a hundred bucks for such a project, but then I rethought and felt that I needed to trust that all things would work together for good as promised. So, I'm still in. And I have the relief that I have thought of something to do with the money.
I miss you all.....we need a reunion!

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Joonna Trapp said...

A follow up....my husband received a job offer today. We think a major reason he was hired besides his skills as a programmer where his years in the ministry. So strange the ways things work out.