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Welcome to the new blog! And thanks, Joonna, for bravely posting first.

Once you are on the blog, look to the upper right for the little "new post" button. Click on that and you will get the posting window. Very simple. Please feel free to ask questions if any function isn't clear. You can ask me or Ron at ron.rienstra@gmail.com.

Also, if you would like your contributor name to link somewhere other than where it now links, just send me or Ron an e-mail to that effect.

When you post, try to fill in a word or two in the labels window at the bottom right of the posting window. Maybe we could agree to use "money" as the label for anything having to do with our project. Once you have used a label, it will be available to choose from the next time anyone posts.

Meanwhile, I am wondering if folks could take a minute to post notice of any recent publications. Jana has posted some great snarky and insightful reviews to her blog (use her link under Contributors). Hope you're all keeping up there. But there's more from this group. Let's hear it.

Al and I have a couple things in the latest Ruminate magazine, a new literary journal. It's a print journal, but they have samples online.


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